The Cinch Noose

Created on by freyr

This time we're going to learn how to tie a cinch noose. The noose is really easy to tie and is an indispensable part of the bondage enthusiast's toolkit. I like to tie several of these from 3-4 foot lengths of 1/4 inch rope for handy use in bondage sessions.


  • 1/4" or larger rope


  • No tools are needed for this project

Noose 1

First, make a 10 to 12 inch "S" near one end of the rope. Leave an extra 12 inches or so at the end of the rope for tying the "coil".

Noose 2

Start looping the end of the rope around (approximately) the center of the "S". This will divide the "S" into a top loop and a bottom loop.

Noose 3

Continue coiling the rope tightly around the "S" until you reach the top of the top loop.

Noose 4

Thread the end of the rope through the top loop.

Noose 5

Tug on the bottom loop to take the slack out of the top loop ensuring that the end of the rope doesn't come free.

Now let's use the noose to securely tie your parter's hands:

Hands 1

Make several loops in a piece of rope. I like to use a thicker rope for binding arms and legs since it's a little more comfortable than thin rope and not as likely to cut off circulation.

Hands 2

Insert one hand into the coiled rope.

Hands 3

Slide on the noose and insert th other hand.

Hands 4

Tighten the noose.